CD Cover Art of The Frostbound Wood

Signum Classics SIGCD 161
Released 30 March 2009

The Frostbound Wood
British songs by Warlock, Howells, Howard and Roe
Tim Travers-Brown countertenor
Jeremy Filsell piano
This is Tim’s debut solo CD with the world-renowned pianist and organist Jeremy Filsell, with whom he has established a long-standing musical relationship. Born out of a love of the music of Peter Warlock and the poetry of the renaissance and Tudor periods, it is a collection of songs by British Composers from the last century. Presenting a substantial selection of Warlock’s song-writing, with its unique and tasteful fusion of the modern with the old harmony, it also brings to the fore some of the little known songs of Herbert Howells, also an admirer of the ‘old-style’ music of the renaissance and Tudor periods, Betty Roe’s Noble Numbers, inspired by the 16th-century poetry of Robert Herrick, and the world premiere of seven charming songs written especially for the countertenor voice by Michael Howard, former organist of Ely Cathedral, and founder of the pioneering vocal ensemble The Renaissance Singers. Having firmly established himself in the repertory of early music, the countertenor sound of Tim’s voice can be heard in a unique and revolutionary way, in the inimitable colours of music inspired by the unique qualities of his homeland.
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Track list

  1. My Little Sweet Darling [1.59]
    Peter Warlock
  2. Take, O Take Those Lips Away [1.35]
    Peter Warlock
  3. And Wilt Thou Leave Me Thus? [1.59]
    Peter Warlock
  4. Sleep [2.10]
    Peter Warlock
  5. The Droll Lover [0.57]
    Peter Warlock
  6. Mourn No More [1.39]
    Peter Warlock
  7. My Own Country [2.16]
    Peter Warlock
  8. The Painted Rose
    Michael Howard
    So By My Singing Am I Comforted [2.57]
    Before Sleep [1.03]
    David’s Lament for Jonathan [2.33]
  9. Three Middle English Songs
    Michael Howard
    A Hymn to the Virgin [2.24]
    May in the Grenewode [1.31]
    This Worldes Joie [2.45]
  10. Mrs MacQueen [1.44]
    Herbert Howells
  11. When the Dew is Falling [3.36]
    Herbert Howells
  12. Full Moon [2.59]
    Herbert Howells
  13. Noble Numbers
    Betty Roe
    To His Saviour, A Child; A Present, by A Child [1.35]
    To God; An anthem sung before the King in the chapel at Whitehall [2.43]
    To God [0.53]
    To His Angrie God [1.41]
    To His Sweet Saviour [3.55]
  14. My Gostly Fader [1.57]
    Peter Warlock
  15. The Frostbound Wood [2.53]
    Peter Warlock
  16. Bethlehem Down [4.07]
    Peter Warlock
  17. The Night [2.05]
    Peter Warlock