Recital programmes for 2009 / 10


  • Henry Purcell (1659–95)
  • Music for a while
    There’s not a swain
    Sweeter than roses
  • Michael Howard (b. 1922)
  • The Painted Rose
    i. The painted rose
    ii. So by my singing am I comforted
    iii. Before sleep
    iv. David’s lament for Jonathan
  • Peter Warlock (1894–1930)
  • Three Old English Lyrics
    i. The lover’s maze
    ii. Take, o take those lips away
    iii. Love for love
  • Betty Roe (b. 1930)
  • To his sweet saviour
    To his saviour, a child
  • C. H. H. Parry (1848–1918)
  • Whether I live
    She is my love beyond all thought
  • Herbert Howells (1892–1983)
  • King David
    Full Moon (from Peacock Pie)
  • Peter Warlock
  • Sleep
    Passing by
    My own country
  • Henry Purcell
  • If music be the food of love
    Evening Hymn

Accompanied by piano


  • Henry Purcell
  • ’Tis Nature’s Voice
    Here the Deities approve
  • John Blow
  • Songs from Amphion Anglicus (1700)
    – The Self-Banished
    – Tell me no more
    – Lovely Selina
  • Robert De Visée
  • Suite for Theorbo in G major
    Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Les Silvains
  • Henry Purcell
  • Stage songs
    – Music for a while
    – Since from my dear Astrea’s sight
    – What shall I do to show how much I love her?
    Sacred songs
    – How long, great God
    – Sleep, Adam, sleep, and take thy rest
    – Evening Hymn

Accompanied by theorbo & cello


  • John Dowland (1563–1626)
  • Praeludium
    Come again, sweet love doth now invite
    Sleep, wayward thoughts
    Awake, sweet love
  • John Danyel (1564–1626)
  • Like as the lute delights
  • John Dowland
  • Galliard
    A Fancy
    The Frog Galliard
  • John Danyel
  • ‘Mrs M. E. her Funerall teares for the death of her husband’
    i. Grief keep within
    ii. Drop not mine eyes
    iii. Have all our passions certain proper vents
  • John Dowland
  • Now cease my wandering eyes
    Fine knacks for ladies
  • J. S. Bach (1685–1750)
  • Songs from The Anna Magdalena Notebook
    – Gedenke doch bei mir
    – Bist du bei mir
    – Jesu, der aus grosser Liebe (from Cantata BWV 165)
  • Henry Purcell
  • Crown the altar
    When Orpheus sang
    Since from my dear Astrea’s sight
  • Giovanni Kapsberger (1580–1651)
  • Prelude
    Toccata Arpeggiata
  • Henry Purcell
  • Evening Hymn
    While Thirsis wrapped in downy sleep

Accompanied by Renaissance & Baroque lutes and theorbo